Local Servers: A Potential Risk to the Security of Your Operation

In the digital age, local server storage presents significant challenges that go beyond the apparent conveniences. As cyber threats evolve and natural disasters remain a reality, it is crucial to understand the associated risks and consider safer alternatives.

Cyberattacks, Ransomware and leaks

According to GMS Seguridad, cyber attacks in Mexico have increased by 65% ​​in 2023 compared to 2022³. Additionally, ransomware , or data hijacking , was the main threat to companies in the first half of 2022, with an increase of 42%².

Regarding information leaks , in the first three quarters of 2022, 36 billion records were exposed¹  .

Natural disasters. A latent risk in Mexico

One of the critical aspects that is often overlooked is the vulnerability of physical servers to natural disasters. Extreme weather events , such as earthquakes , floods , fires or storms, pose significant risks to the integrity of local servers . Loss of valuable data and operational disruption can be devastating consequences.

These events can affect the availability of local servers and, therefore, the ability of companies to access their information. Additionally, natural disasters can damage local servers and cause data loss. For example, Hurricane Katrina in 2005 caused the loss of 850 billion bytes of data ⁴.

Top 5 risks and disadvantages of local servers

  1. Data Kidnapping
  2. Total Loss from Natural Disasters
  3. Unauthorized access
  4. High Maintenance Costs
  5. Limitations on Collaboration

How to prevent and avoid these risks?

Preventing and mitigating the risks of local storage involves taking proactive measures . The implementation of frequent and geographically dispersed backup protocols, as well as the use of redundancy systems , are key strategies. Migrating to cloud storage services also offers an effective solution to reduce exposure to catastrophic events and ensure operational continuity.

In the Manufacturing industry, there are high-level specialized solutions, such as SOLIDWORKS Cloud Services supported by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and which are now included in the acquisition of new licenses, or can be enabled for existing accounts. These capabilities play a critical role in mitigating risks and improving collaboration . By hosting data in the cloud, vulnerabilities associated with natural disasters or local incidents are reduced as well as prevention of cyberattacks . Additionally, remote accessibility and real-time synchronization facilitate collaboration between geographically dispersed teams, improving efficiency and information security. The ability to perform automatic backups and manage design reviews centrally further helps ensure the integrity and availability of critical data.

Some of the main benefits are:

  1. Enhanced Security: The cloud offers a secure environment with advanced encryption and threat protection measures, significantly reducing the risk of security breaches.
  2. Remote Access: Facilitates instant access to data from any location, improving flexibility and collaboration among distributed teams.
  3. Automated Backup: SOLIDWORKS cloud services perform automatic backups, ensuring efficient data recovery in the event of loss or damage.
  4. Efficient Collaboration: Real-time synchronization and integrated collaboration tools optimize communication between teams, accelerating design and development processes.
  5. Centralized Management: Allows centralized management of revisions and versions, improving consistency and avoiding confusion arising from multiple file instances in different locations.

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