To install 3DExperience Launcher for the first time, we should have first received an email with an invitation. Within the invitation you will find the access link to the 3DExperience platform, we are going to click on it. 


The 3DExperience access page will open, where we must enter with the credentials that we also received by email and the next step will be to click on log in. 

Once we enter, it will take us directly to the welcome window, the 3DExperience Launcher download and installation dialog box will automatically appear. 

 Note: If this window does not appear, we will click on the compass and within the entire application catalog, we will go to the bottom until we find SW Connected and we will click on it, with this procedure we will activate the dialog box. 


Now we will just click on Download 3DExperience Launcher and the download will begin, once the installer has downloaded we will double click to run it.  

Once the executor is open, we will click on “Next”, in this section it asks us about the installation location, it is recommended to leave the default one and click on install, wait a moment and finally click on finish. 


At this moment 3DExperience Launcher has been installed and we can check it if we go to the taskbar and show the hidden icons, we can see that the 3DExperience Launcher icon is there. 

If we right click on it, several options will appear, including “Open 3DExperience”, we will click, this will take us back to 3DEXPERIENCE in our browser. With this we verify that 3DEXPERIENCE has been correctly installed on our computer. 




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