In the competitive world of engineering and complex project execution, efficiency and speed make the difference between success and stagnation. ICR Integrity Ltd, a leading global project execution company in various sectors, has stood out not only for its expertise in oil and gas, nuclear cooling systems, renewable energy, utilities, infrastructure and defense, but also for its ability to adapt and address crucial internal challenges.


Three years ago, ICR faced an internal data management dilemma. With engineering information dispersed across its global offices, the company encountered significant limitations in accessing and controlling its intellectual property (IP). The solution came through the introduction of a revolutionary change: the cloud-based 3D EXPERIENCE platform.


The transformation was noticeable. Phil Kitchen, design director at ICR, highlights the fundamental change they experienced: “One of the big differentiators for ICR as a business is our speed to market. “The way we historically stored our content made it very, very difficult to find.” The implementation of the 3D EXPERIENCE platform not only solved this challenge, but also enabled efficient organization and fast searches under various parameters.


The speed of access to design data not only optimized ICR’s internal efficiency, but also boosted its ability to deliver solutions to customers more quickly and accurately. This agility translates into significant time and money savings compared to conventional methods.


Intellectual property protection is a critical concern for any innovative company. The 3D EXPERIENCE platform, being completely cloud-based, not only improved data accessibility but also strengthened security measures to safeguard ICR’s IP. Seamless integration with everyday applications such as Word and Excel, along with 3D CAD systems such as SOLIDWORKS®, has further cemented the platform’s effectiveness in the company’s daily workflow.


Phil Kitchen highlights another key benefit of the 3D EXPERIENCE platform: the ability to significantly reduce physical testing through the use of simulation tools, especially in SOLIDWORKS Simulation. By being connected to the cloud-based platform, ICR engineers can take full advantage of these tools, resulting in a significant reduction in the physical testing required on their products.


In summary, the adoption of the 3D EXPERIENCE platform has positioned ICR Integrity Ltd at the forefront of operational efficiency and innovation in the execution of complex projects. The ability to effectively manage data, protect intellectual property, and accelerate the design and physical testing process has cemented ICR’s position as an undisputed leader in its industry. This success story demonstrates how technology can be a catalyst for growth and excellence in project execution on a global scale.




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